Vanhemman musiikin esittämiskäytännöt sinfoniaorkestereissa

  • Markus Sarantola
Avainsanat: artikulaatio, barokki, klassismi, fraseeraus, sinfoniaorkesteri, romantiikka


Markus Sarantola’s applied doctoral studies included a collection of articles, two chamber music concerts, and a report. Sarantola explored how historically informed performing practices (HIP) are progressing in modern symphony orchestras. How is HIP received in philharmonic circumstances? It was also central to investigate the basics of the original performing practices themselves. Sarantola’s three main articles were dealing the phrasing, the vibrato, and the history of the orchestral sound.



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Markus Sarantola

Dr Markus Sarantola plays both modern and period viola in several Finnish orchestras and ensembles.