Kromaattinen kantele mahdollisuuksien pelikenttänä: käsikirja säveltäjille

  • Hedi Viisma
Avainsanat: kromaattinen kantele, säveltäjät, sovitus


The subject of my doctoral studies is the exploration and development of playing

technique on the chromatic kantele. I have worked to expand the instrument’s repertoire. The series of five concerts has included new works for chromatic kantele by six different composers and eight new arrangements. My written thesis focuses primarily on the technical capabilities of the chromatic kantele. It is my hope that this handbook will provide composers with the knowledge of the instrument’s wide range of possibilities.

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Hedi Viisma

Estonian-born musician Hedi Viisma’s repertoire spans a wide variety of styles and periods ranging from Renaissance and Baroque keyboard and lute works to piano music of the early twentieth century and new works composed especially for her. She graduated as a Doctor of Music in 2019.